photography gallery

I picked up photography as a hobby in March 2021, my first camera being a Nikon d3400. I learned a lot on that camera, but bird photography is the most difficult type of photography, and at times I really felt the constraints of the entry-level DSLR.

In June 2022, I upgraded to a mirrorless camera, a Nikon z6ii, which I imagine will be my companion for a very long time.

Most of these photos are taken with a Tamron 150-600mm lens, even the botanicals. It's a much more versatile lens than I initially took it for. I know very little about photography, but I've been having so much fun figuring things out.

These photos are ordered from most recent to least recent, meaning the ones at the end of the gallery are from when I initially took up photography.

Botanicals & Fungi
Non-Bird Creatures
Landscapes, Etc.