art gallery

For the first couple years after beginning my art journey in 2018, I was hesitant to create finished pieces due to feelings of inadequacy and fear of failure. In 2020 and 2021 I vowed to change that. My body of work is not prolific or substantial by any means, but I hope to grow it over the years as I explore and discern the type of work that interests me most.

Sketches & Studies

Spoonbill Commission, 2022, watercolor & gouache

A Nightingale for Ukraine, 2022, watercolor & colored pencil

Harpy Eagle, 2021, watercolor & gouache

Neighpril Capstone, 2022, digital (Procreate)

The King of Montrose Beach, 2022, digital (Procreate)

In Memory of a Very Special Goose, 2021, watercolor

Bald Eagle, 2020, watercolor & colored pencil

Birthday Salamander, 2022, digital (Procreate)

Christmas Salamanders, 2022, mixed media (watercolor, gouache, colored pencils)

Fern in the Thick of It, 2022, digital (Clip Studio)

scene from Chernobyl, 2022, digital (Procreate)

Zoo Tycoon doodle, 2022, digital (Procreate)

logo, 2022, digital (Clip Studio)